Modelling Project Day 12

Today was Milestone 2 and I basically had to present what I’ve been up to and how things have been going, get some feedback from my classmates and teacher.

my feedback:

Face is more cartoon-y than the concept I had originally drawn up


Face was a bit too symmetrical

Face profile was a bit off, I need to bring the brow ridge a bit further out like in the concept I had drawn.

My teacher suggested for me to look at old gentlemen’s faces for reference and I found one that I thought was good. I really like his friendly smile, kind eyes, and the wrinkles on his face.


For the branches I need to try make them flow upwards more instead of going out from the base making it look janky.

Also need to keep in mind I need to steer clear of having my character look like Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy) or tree beard (Lord of the Rings)

I’ll be working on these in the next few days and hopefully be able to keep on track.


Modelling Project Day 10

Just started sculpting from a sphere. Didn’t realize I could just sculpt from the beginning until my classmates told me. I would have wasted a week trying to get a base mesh and retopologizing on Maya. Problem: wasting time doing base mesh

Solved: suggestion from classmate to just do it from zBrush


“Not much I can critique on but your getting most base forms looking good.”



Modelling Project Day 9

I ran across a problem today with modelling. I finished doing the head and connecting it in the back, but when it came down to doing the hands (these only had 4 fingers) I kept running into a six pointer. Not quite sure how I fixed that problem but now they’re just 5 pointers (which are alright) but at the moment, trying to figure out how I can attach it to his arm… Modelling Project Day 9

Modelling Project Day 7

Hey guys, sorry I couldn’t update yesterday. It was my little brothers 7th birthday so I went to join family on saturday and stayed over night, meaning no work for me. I’m currently still modelling the body base and I’ll do another update tomorrow of where I’ll get up to. Modelling Project Day 7.JPG