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Modelling Project Day 4

I was able to get a lot done today. I was able to finish an art piece for a competition, catch up on preproduction and work on my timetable based off of feedback from my classmates


Person 1

Everything looks good, good time management.

Person 2

May want to include your work times on weekends. You may not need to actually composite what you’re modelling. You could also be more detailed with what exactly you are modelling day to day.

So I’ve attached a mini presentation of basically what I have planned. I’m planning to model an ancient tree ent character, and I’ve included references to tree, fungi, matured men’s faces. I will most likely include more reference later on tomorrow for more body types and poses, as well as different assets to create more of a mood for the turntable.


Modelling Project Day 3

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to do ANY work on my Pre-production for this modelling project as I’ve been too busy trying to catch up on research for an essay (about what is the most efficient way to using facial motion capture considering cost, ease of use and quality of end result), that I will be presenting tomorrow in class. Hopefully everything goes fine after I get that done and I’ll be able to catch up and be back on track to finishing a Pre-production good enough to present the following day.

Modelling Project DAY 2

I set up a Trello board so I can manage my production better as well as make a timetable with goals to finish before the end of the day. I’ll be posting updates daily on what I’ve been doing daily to track my progress and to see my work develop more for future references. I’ve attached a quick snapshot of what my timetable will be like for the next few weeks. PDF Pre Production Presentation.jpg

Modelling Project Day 1

It’s been a while, but I’ve got another interesting project! For my specialization in the class project, I’ve chosen to do modeling. What I’ve been thinking of doing is a tree house, so yesterday (which was day 1 of this project) I spent looking up at different concept art of tree houses. I’d also written some sort of checklist for things I need to do to pass / to excel (attached below)