Turntable for Modelling Project

Late but finished my modelling project! I haven’t been able to update sorry I’ve been really busy with classes and just life in general. Since classes will be over soon in a few weeks I’ll be able to update more regularly on the things I will be working on. Sadly I can’t upload the rendered 360 turntable I had for my project because I don’t have a premium account so you guys will have to settle for these snapshots I took of the turntable in front, 3/4, side and back view.


Modelling Project Day 27

Last night while rendering my computer shut down and stopped my rendering, so it had only got up to 39 frames out of 300. So far its gotten to 51 today. Hopefully it’ll speed up but with its hi poly, I can’t be too sure.

Modelling Project Day 25-26

Hey guys! These past two days I just caught up with my modelling and did some work on my research essay. Just started rendering today (day 26) and I’m giving Keyshot software a go. Ran into a problem with Maya software unable to receive my obj. of my treant because of its really hi-poly, so I was told by a friend to give keyshot a go. I’m able to use it on my laptop and render out my 360 turntable for my model and I’m really looking forward to when I’ll be getting it done. For now I’m just working on my essay seeing as there’s no better time while my model is rendering on my laptop.


Modeling Project Day 23-24

Hey guys! Been another busy day. It’s 12.37 AM here and I’ve been working on my treant for quite some time now trying to catch up. Unfortunately haven’t done any lighting today BUT I’m so glad to say I’m done with the sculpting and I will be exporting my model in obj. into Maya tomorrow! I’ll be doing my lighting then. And if I can finish setting up my lighting I’ll hopefully start playing around with render settings to put my treant bust into a wireframe turntable.

Modelling Project Day 19-22

Update! Because the due date is coming closer and closer I’ve decided to make my model into a bust instead because I don’t think I have enough time to complete a full body sculpt with all the vines and details to do.

I’ll be concentrating today on finish up the model and doing lighting (it’s currently 12.43AM where I am at the moment so I’ll pick this up again and re update at the end of class time) .

Modelling Project Day 14-15

Hey guys, so I’ve been working on the body, I played around with adding little mushrooms to his arm (I’ll be adding a lot more!) and Ive started doing more details on his body. I’m planning to do some more layers of vines on my treant, so that he’s not jsut a mass of a tree. I’m still working on the feedback I was given before with trying to change the flow of his branches. hopefully I’ll be able to rotate them just so.

Day 14-15.JPG